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Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.?
A: Not yet! Currently we are only able to ship to and from the United States. 

Q: How do I ship you my t-shirt?
A: Once your order is placed, you will receive a return shipping label via email (within 6 hours). Simply find an envelope or small box (there are free ones at the post office) and tape the return label to the box/envelope. Make sure to let us know which t-shirt you want made into which size onesie (if you purchased more than one onesie).

Q: How long will this take?
A: With the nature of the product, it takes 2 shipping periods (which sadly adds on some time). By the time you push "place order" in your cart, you will receive a shipping label via e-mail, depending on how quickly you pack up your shirt, print your label and drop off your package at USPS (1-2 days+). Once I receive your t-shirt, I estimate 2-4 days for cutting and sewing, then I will ship it back (1-4 days for USPS shipping depending on your location). ALL THAT SAID: 2 weeks+ depending on your quickness in getting me your t-shirt. If you have a rush/event date you are trying to make, please email me at to see if it is possible.

Q: What size should I order?
A: I recommend sizing up a size. With the shipping time and production time, it might be 3 weeks till you receive your finished onesie. See size chart here.

Q: What kind of shirts can you make into onesies?
A: T-shirt must be an adult small or larger. Short sleeve or long sleeve. Must be a stretchy, knit fabric. We can use sweatshirts (it will just be a very warm onesie). We cannot use razor back tank tops because there is not enough fabric for the back of the onesie. Button down shirts will not work either. See guide below. 

Q: How much of my t-shirt's graphic will show up on the onesie?
A: Depending on the size you are ordering, some wording and pictures may be cut off. We will do our best to keep the majority of the wording readable, but we don't have much control on how small and adorable your baby is. Here is a photo of some larger graphic t-shirts and how they look cut up.


Any other questions:
Please email us at